Vis Moodley Polygraphs;
Vis was a detective in the South Africa Police Services with 29 years’ experience.

His experiences in Questioning and Investigations is very valuable and extremely helpful in conducting Polygraph Examinations and Investigations.

Polygraph Examinations:

  • We offer a full range of polygraph services to private and corporate clients.

  • Our fees are priced according to different criteria and clients specific needs.

  • Polygraph testing is successfully used to help solve cases such as theft, fraud, violent crimes and corruption.

  • This form of testing helps weed out applicants with criminal and otherwise dishonest backgrounds.

  • Polygraph testing is well recognised in South Africa and is a vital tool in helping companies employ and maintain an ethical and honest work place.




Polygraphs examinations are used to indicate whether the people are lying or telling the truth (deception).

They confirm the truthfulness of statements especially if two conflicting statements are submitted by two or more individuals relating to the same issue.

The periodic testing of employers will determine their honesty and also act as a deterrent and prevent any dishonesty in the workplace.

Once set up on the polygraph machine, subjects often admit to their dishonesty and involvement.

  • Theft

  • Fraud

  • Armed Robbery

  • Murder

  • Domestic Workers

  • Pre- Employment Screening

  • Periodic Testing for existing employers.

  • Matrimonial

  • Confirmatory Testing; HE  said / SHE  said

  • Dishonesty

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